The best product to increase male potency

useful products for male potency

If for some reason the problem starts to appear in terms of "male power", then this should be seriously considered and certain steps should be taken to rectify the situation.

Now the drug in his arsenal has a large number of pharmacological agents for male potency. This is, of course, great, but don’t forget that there are also natural products that help increase male potency.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows what foods to use to increase male potency. Let’s try to think of foods that increase male potency and what you should eat first.

Seafood that increases potency in men

There are many of them, but some of them must be included in your diet without fail. Schematically, in order of importance, this list can be represented as follows.

First of all, the products that increase male potency are the right sea fish and seafood. It’s great if there are mackerel and floundering on the table. Oysters and squid are welcome, they can be associated with aphrodisiacs. Shellfish are rich in zinc, which is an important element in the process of testosterone synthesis.

For the production of testosterone, amino acids are also required, which are contained here in large quantities. Its use contributes not only to the activation of the synthesis of male sex hormones, but also to the increase of spermatogenesis. Sea fish are rich in dopamine, which prevents premature ejaculation.

But not everyone can recommend oysters. Seafood is contraindicated for people with weakened immune systems, who have a history of diabetes mellitus and gastritis with low acidity.

It is better to eat raw seafood. To give them a piquant taste, you can sprinkle the sea gift with lemon juice. All nutrients will remain unchanged.

Flounder is famous for its taste. It contains enough vitamins, amino acids, and other substances that have a beneficial effect on erectile conditions.

Mackerel contains unsaturated fatty acids, which are actively involved in testosterone synthesis. A good amount of phosphorus, an element, is one of the actions aimed at improving sexual function.

Meat products that increase potency

In the diet of any man, the main place should be occupied by meat dishes. Meat dishes are a major supplier of protein. The protein base of meat contributes to the formation of thyroxine in the body, which takes an active part in all oxidative processes occurring at the intracellular level. Useful horse meat, lamb, rabbit meat, chicken meat.

Fans of exotic food should eat fried chicken brush with testicles of ram with chopped thrush meat. The effect is amazing - such a dish effectively helps increase potency in men.

Camel belly (rennet) can be linked to products for potency in fast -acting men. If you eat it, then your erection will definitely increase (according to its action, rennet resembles Viagra). The only problem is its lack.

Also, this dish leads to an increase in the qualitative composition of sperm. If it is included in the diet, then you can be a father even after 50 years.

The camel's stomach is not subjected to heat treatment, it is eaten in small quantities half an hour before the intended sexual intercourse. Camel stomach tincture is also used: 100 g of product is placed in a liter of vodka and infused for two weeks.

Vegetables to increase potency

Vegetables in many varieties are products of natural origin that increase potency and generally have a positive effect on the body.

The main place in the set of vegetable products should be occupied by radishes. These vegetables are completely stuffed with substances that increase the secretion and quality composition of semen. The seeds have the same ability. Boiled carrots can be used in addition to various dishes. Useful combination of carrots, carrots and honey. This 1/3 cup mixture should be eaten after each meal. Contraindicated in people with liver disease.

Indispensable for male power and such vegetables: beets, white cabbage, celery. All of them are able to increase libido.

Onions and garlic should also be part of a man’s diet. It will be more effective if you eat dill and parsley in parallel. At the same time, the small pelvis is better supplied with blood. Strong erections are possible only in healthy men. With general weakness and frequent illness, the erection will become weak (in such cases, we recommend doing exercises to increase potency at home). And to avoid such cases, every day you need to eat 50 g of green onions. Acting as an aphrodisiac, onions increase sexual desire.

Garlic is very helpful. It serves as an excellent prevention against the onset and development of prostatitis. The positive effects of this vegetable on the nervous system have long been known. This is due to the high content of vitamin B1. Increases resistance to stress, and at the same time, sexual function is strengthened.

Garlic is able to expand the penile ducts, which will increase blood flow and improve erections. These vegetables should be used with caution by those with stomach and liver problems.

Peanuts for potency

Consumption of nuts of all kinds will lead to an increase in potency. They contain zinc, magnesium, large amounts of vitamins. This product has a beneficial effect on the entire genitourinary system as a whole. Of the amino acid composition, they contain the most arginine, which is necessary for the production of nitric oxide, which will ensure a good erection (erection is activated through nitric oxide).

Peanuts are a very valuable product for male potency and lead to the normalization of basal metabolism and hormone levels. Strengthens sexual function.

What nuts should you eat? In general, any nut is good. It is recommended to eat it regularly, as it contains arginine, which provides widening of blood vessels. Blood supply is enhanced, including in the reproductive organs. Arginine has a positive effect on the qualitative composition of seeds, increased sperm motility. They also contain adequate tocopherols, zinc and selenium. Without these elements, normal sexual activity is impossible.

We advise all representatives of the strong half -human to use honey and walnuts for male potency.

What fruits are good for male potential

For the normal performance of sexual function, adequate amounts of vitamins and trace elements must be supplied to the body. They contain fruits. Sometimes only the consumption of a fruit diet can improve the function of sexual nature. With the use of these natural products, sexual function can be restored. Of particular interest in this regard are fruits rich in folic and ascorbic acids.

Citrus fruits are an excellent supplier of ascorbic acid to the body. The body as a whole is strengthened, and the sexual sphere becomes better. Mangoes, figs, kiwis and pomegranates are very useful.

Quail eggs for male potency

Another product of animal origin, in addition to meat, which is useful for male potency, is quail eggs. If there are sexual problems, then for such men, quail eggs should be an indispensable ingredient in the daily diet (leading to increased libido). They contain all the ingredients necessary for the normal functioning of the reproductive system.

It is better to eat raw quail eggs. In this case, one should not be afraid of the possibility of salmonellosis. The body temperature of the quail is high and it is uncomfortable for the development of salmonella.

It is necessary to drink up to 4 of these eggs daily, plus all of them can be used in combination with other products to increase potency. Also based on them, medicinal mixtures are prepared.

Herbs and spices that increase male potency

When wondering what foods increase a man’s potency, one should not forget the various herbs and spices that must be eaten for good men’s health. The "helpers" of this plant include:

  • Delicious (thyme). It is also called the herb of happiness. In moderate doses, it can increase potency and prolong erotic pleasure.
  • St. John's wort. Eliminate conditions associated with mental stress and restore libido.
  • lemongrass. Promotes sperm formation. With its use, the overall tone will increase. Acts similar to Eleutherococcus.
  • Oat. It is used in the form of decoctions and infusions.
  • Rosemary. It contains substances that have a structure similar to sex hormones. Leaves and branches are used.
  • Thyme. You can make tea with it. Helps with sexual impotence.
  • Ordinary Dubrovnik. It has a stimulating effect on men.
  • As a spice, it is possible to use ginger, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom.

Alternative medicine for men's health

Many medicinal herbs are able to dilate blood vessels, increase blood flow, and relieve congestion in the prostate gland. Here are some recipes for men that can increase sexual desire:

  1. Nettles help a lot. It is used as an infusion. 100 g of crushed leaves is poured into 300 ml of boiling water in a volume of 300 ml. It is also used in the form of seeds. They are used in combination with red wine and honey.
  2. Ginseng root, which must be eaten with honey, has always been a much -needed helper in this regard. Such a composition also increases libido.
  3. Thyme is considered one of the best ways for a strong half -human health. It is used even for the prevention of prostatitis. Grass contains a lot of zinc, and it is necessary for testosterone synthesis. Inflorescences are used. Infusions are prepared from them, taken in equal portions throughout the day.
  4. Good use of celery. This plant is very rich in zinc. All parts of the plant are edible, including roots and stems. It is necessary to eat every day 100 g of this wonderful medicinal herb.
  5. The effect will definitely come with frequent use of garlic. It contains phytoncides that improve prostate function.
  6. Pasternak will eliminate congestive and inflammatory processes in the prostate gland.
  7. rhizome calamus. With it, you can quickly achieve the desired result. It must only be chewed or used as a tincture.

It should always be remembered that herbal medicine must be carried out properly, accurately maintaining the dose. Failure to comply with this rule may result in irreparable harm. In addition, many plants can be allergic. Therefore, before you start using medicinal herbs, it is better to consult a doctor. The health of a strong half-human must be treated with care.