How to increase potential at home

Men are often interested in ways to increase potential at home. There are many ways, but before using it, you need to consult a doctor.

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Traditional methods

Many men try to increase potency with folk remedies. From a medical point of view, this is acceptable and generally safe. However, you need to understand the limitations that people -had methods that increase potential.

What can we get from homemade decoctions and tinctures? Alternative physicians can say whatever they want, but folk recipes only provide nutrients. This is very useful for male potency, but the effect of decoctions and tinctures cannot be compared with the effect that can be achieved with drugs.

Here we mean non-biologically active additives and non-vitamin-mineral complexes. We’re talking about medications like antibiotics for prostatitis. Each of the drugs works differently, but they solve certain problems. While the traditional method is only an additional treatment. It makes sense to use it only after primary treatment for prostatitis or impotence to consolidate the results.

Before treating potency at home, it is advisable to talk to your doctor. You may already have a problem in your body that needs more radical treatment. And using the people's method will waste valuable time.

The color of garlic

The simplest answer to the question of how to increase potency is to eat garlic. Still, it must be eaten fresh, which does not suit everyone’s taste. Therefore, traditional medicine has prepared some useful recipes for garlic color:

  • We took the peeled garlic. We weigh - we need 1 kilogram. Pour the garlic into a three -liter jar. After that, in another container, mix 0. 5 liters of vodka and 0. 5 liters of pure water. Pour the resulting liquid alcohol into the garlic. We insisted for seven days, sometimes chasing the contents. We drank 3 teaspoons. three times a day, 30 minutes before meals. The course of treatment ends with the amount of tingtur. A folk remedy method for potency is enough for a year;
  • Peel and chop the garlic again until it gains kilograms. Pour into jars with a capacity of 3 liters. We fill the container to the brim with boiling water. We put it in a cool place where there is no access to sunlight for a week. We shake the container daily to make the tincture effect on the potency stronger. We drank in the same way as in the previous recipe. It is best to drink it with milk;
  • garlic to increase male potency
  • For this recipe to increase male potency, one head of garlic is enough. We rub the peeled cloves on the grater. We took the smallest pot. We poured here 300 ml of quality white wine. Fill with garlic, mix. We waited for it to boil. With the lowest strength, covered with a lid, cook no more than 60 seconds. We are waiting until cool, put in the refrigerator. We drink small sips three times a day, before meals. We were treated for three days, we rested for three days, and so on.


It’s hard to find a guy who likes to eat celery. However, celery is one of the healthiest vegetables to potentially have. To more easily "overcome it", prepare the juice from the stems and rhizomes of plants. Add 20 ml to any other cold drink. Best - in freshly squeezed pumpkin juice.


ginger to increase potency in men

Ginger is often used for potency by oriental healers. Ginger rhizome will help restore male potency. Plants will release most of the nutrients if used with the following methods:

  • Pickling. We clean and cut the fresh rhizomes thinly. Prepare the marinade from 400 ml of rice vinegar and 5 teaspoons of sugar with a small top. Pour the prepared ginger into a glass jar, pour the marinade. Cover and shake. If prepared in the evening, in the morning ginger will be ready to help male potency;
  • Mix honey and ginger in equal parts. Instead of chopped fresh rhizomes, you can use powdered ginger. This spice is easy to find in regular stores. We put it in the fridge, in two weeks it will be ready. We ate two teaspoons in the afternoon;
  • Ginger grind. Pour into a glass jar, and then pour the vodka here until it covers the main ingredient. Filter our tingtur in two weeks. In the evening, we used 25 drops.

Kegel Gymnastics

In the middle of the 20th century, Dr. Arnold Kegel developed his own exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. They were created for the fair sex who suffer from enuresis. But then it turns out that training like this also has a strong influence on potential. Also, from a scientific point of view, Kegel gymnastics at home is the best method to prevent prostatitis.

The essence of training is to find and strengthen the muscles that are in contact with the male reproductive system. Typically, this muscle group holds the peritoneal and pelvic organs in place. However, men and women rarely strain it while moving. The pelvis weakens, organ shifts, and blood circulation deteriorates. As a result, prostatitis occurs and male potency is disrupted.

Movement list

The first thing to do when starting a Kegel workout is to find the muscle groups you need. Don’t just know where it is, but feel and be able to do basic movements. This is easy enough to do: stop the flow while urinating. The muscles you use are needed to increase potential.

While urinating, you can also do basic exercises:

  • Stop the jet, if possible several times;
  • When the jet has disappeared, make it slower, but keep going;
  • In this case, you cannot stretch the abdominal or gluteal muscles;
  • At first, it may not go well - which means that you should continue training until you get out.
gymnastics to increase potential

At any time, you can try the following movements, which help increase potential:

  • Slowly we reach maximum muscle tension. A good result is when you manage to stretch the process for five seconds;
  • Then, in the same way, for five seconds, slowly relax these muscles;
  • When the penis is erect, try to move it;
  • Try tightening your Kegel muscles during intercourse.

Remember the following:

  • At first, to simplify, you can do lying exercises;
  • After about a month of doing daily activities, the man should be able to stretch the muscles for ten seconds;
  • While doing Kegel exercises, do not touch the target muscle group with your fingers.

Other exercises

Any man can use training for potential at home. One of the easiest exercises is the regular squat. They stimulate blood circulation, relieving a man from the process of stagnation. High testosterone levels recovered, and the man forgot that he had recently suffered from weakness. Doing this exercise for potential is easy in your home or apartment.

To increase potency, you have to do squats in a rather weird way. We put our legs a little wider than the shoulder belt. Stockings must point in different directions. Squatting to increase potency, you must first regulate the tension on the gluteal muscles.

The feet should sit firmly on the surface. We lower the squatter's butt as low as possible, this is the only way to increase potential. At the lowest possible point, you need to stand for a few seconds without moving. Then the man lifts his ass up, as in a normal squat. The gluteal muscles cannot be relaxed for a moment. Ten repetitions in two approaches will suffice.

Movement list

Also try the following exercises to increase potential at home:

  • Pelvic rotation. Great for morning workouts, improving not only potency, but also mood. We put feet shoulder -width apart, hands - on the belt. We rotate the pelvis - forty movements clockwise, and the same amount counterclockwise. This allows for increased blood circulation in the genital area. It also strengthens the lumbar muscles, which are needed for vigorous and long friction;
  • Slope. We put our legs a little wider than the shoulder belt. We bent over, trying to touch the floor with our fingers. Initially, twenty repetitions in three approaches will suffice. We gradually increased the load, up to fifty slopes. We didn’t add any more load, we continued to train at this distance. This is an excellent potency enhancement drug. Not only is blood circulation improved, but also nerve work in the genital area;
  • Big step. It is best to do this movement in the morning, on an empty stomach. We took two light dumbbells, weighing no more than ten kilograms. Keep your back straight, upper limbs with dumbbells looking down. We walked until the body was slowly slack, and the knee angle was 90 degrees. We changed legs. A man, doing this exercise at home, quickly increases his strength level.