How to increase potential

Many forty-year-old men who suffer from erectile dysfunction often wonder how to increase potency at home. There are many ways: exercise, surgical methods to increase libido, medications, folk remedies. In addition, for the treatment of this disease, special psychological assistance and training may be required. the increase in male potency often depends on the psychological state of the patient.

What is the potential

For men of all ages, potential is very important, because sexual life and the function of the urinary, endocrine and reproductive systems depend on it.Potential is translated from Latin as strength (potentia), and we are talking about the realm of sexuality and everyday life.If there is a problem with masculine strength, then the whole body may suffer. Potency is usually characterized by erectile dysfunction, phallic tension, and sexual desire.

Men who have problems in the sexual sphere can experience complexes and psychological barriers. With good potential, a person is confident in his abilities, he can judge his actions wisely. A man who lacks strength often has a gentle, humble attitude. In addition, she may have problems at work and family relationships. Therefore, the question of how to increase male potential is very important for the strong human half.

Increased potential

Impotence and deteriorating health may appear after 40 years, but how critical it is depends on one’s tendencies and habits. Quality of life, ecology and nutrition are very important. In addition, at this age, the body becomes more difficult to cope with the disease, therefore a healthy lifestyle and prevention is needed. If an adult man faces a potential violation, it is necessary to immediately seek the help of a doctor who can identify the cause of decreased libido.

Strengthening of potential in men is needed when weak sexual arousal is associated with psychological problems: stress, depression, negative attitudes towards the partner. Also, lack of stimulation occurs due to alcohol consumption and hormonal disorders (diseases of the adrenal glands, thyroid gland, obesity, diabetes mellitus). Decreased libido can still be seen with circulatory disorders, spinal cord disease and multiple sclerosis. In addition, there are local reasons:

  • atherosclerosis, varicose veins;
  • violation of blood supply to the penile ducts;
  • phallus injury;
  • violation of testosterone production;
  • Not active;
  • drug side effects;
  • diseases of the genitourinary system.
Potential violations in mature males

How to increase potency in men in a natural way

Erectile dysfunction problems can be temporary or permanent. Someone who is embarrassed to see a doctor starts taking synthetic drugs, while forgetting that natural remedies can also help very well. The first thing to do is review your diet. Proper nutrition can restore sexual health. Protein foods can increase libido. In addition, you need to eat vitamins. In addition, there are other ways to increase potential at home:

  • massage;
  • vegetable tincture;
  • gymnastics and special training;
  • bathing with herbs and bay leaves has a positive effect on the potential condition;
  • use cold compresses;
  • contrast baths help increase libido and strengthen the body;
  • bathing will also help increase potency;
  • there must be a regular sex life.


Chinese doctors often do massages for problems related to male impotence. There are special points on the human body (on the legs, arms, back), massaging which, you can increase potency. Acupuncture is often used for proper treatment. Such a procedure must be performed by an experienced specialist. There are simple sequences that a man can do himself. This requires:

  • With the thumb and forefinger of your right hand, hold your left wrist, then you need to move your finger as far as 2 cm closer to the elbow (there is an active point responsible for the work of the phallus). You need to massage them for a minute.
  • Place your hands on the belt with the palms on the buttocks and the thumbs on the abdomen. Next, moving your hand to the active point, which is located between the lower back and the spine, you need to actively stretch it with your middle finger. Exposure to this area will help improve erectile function significantly.


Often, representatives of the strong half of humanity, when the question arises, how to increase potency in men, try to take special pills to get rid of the problem, but without consulting a specialist, this can endanger health. It is better to pay attention to physical exercise, where muscle tone normalizes, blood circulates actively throughout the body, and erections function normally. Here are some effective exercises to improve blood circulation and restore potency:

  1. Legs shoulder -width apart. Imagine that you are gripping the ball tightly with your knees. Next, you need to tighten the muscles, as if holding an object. Do 10 sets every 5 seconds.
  2. For the second exercise, lie on your stomach. Hands under chin, elbows to sides. Inhale sharply and, bending your right leg, slowly reach with the knees to the elbows. Return to starting position with a deep breath. For the second leg, do the same.
  3. Starting position - legs bent at the knees. It is necessary to start running in place, while the toes are pressed to the floor, and the heels alternately go up. When doing exercises, the knees must be moved quickly.
Exercise to increase potential

Healthy food

A healthy diet is an important factor that affects the functioning of the male body.There are foods that have a libido -stimulating effect.They act as aphrodisiacs. Men should eat foods rich in vitamins, because such foods increase metabolism and biochemical action, the mental reaction of the male body. By-products (liver, lungs, heart) must also be present in the diet. What enhances a man's potential? Retail list:

  • vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini, Chinese cabbage, celery, carrots);
  • ginger, garlic, dill;
  • pumpkin seeds;
  • spices: basil, cinnamon, saffron, red pepper, parsley (treat mechanical impotence);
  • fruits (mango, citrus, pomegranate, apricot, figs, apple, watermelon, grapes, bananas, raspberries);
  • fish and seafood: shrimp, clams, crabs (they increase male hormone levels well);
  • natural honey;
  • Roti rai;
  • nuts (walnuts, pine nuts, cashews, hazelnuts);
  • mushrooms;
  • egg
  • fermented dairy products (cheese, kefir, cottage cheese).

Contrast bath

Good helps increase men's sexual power every day with a contrast bath. It strengthens the whole body and has a good effect on blood circulation in the pelvis. For the procedure, it is necessary to prepare in advance two deep containers, each of which should be filled with cold and warm water. To achieve a therapeutic effect, it is necessary to sit in each container in sequence. In this case, you need to sit in warm water for about 3 minutes, in cold water - one. You need to do at least three approaches.

Take a shower

The combination of a light massage of birch broom, hot steam and cold water bath can provide enthusiasm, good mood and maximum readiness to have intercourse. You must visit the bath house twice a week and be sure to use a birch broom. If this is not possible, then you can try using a contrast shower. This procedure increases sexual activity and improves blood circulation.

Take the pill

Modern pharmacology offers a large number of drugs that can increase male potency. Some funds are intended to increase potency, while others are intended for additional stimulation of sexual desire. Any medication can be used only after consultation with a specialist. It is not recommended to take the pill to people under the age of 25 and those suffering from angina pectoris. The most popular medications are:

  • Modern drugs for impotence, selective PDE-5 inhibitors specific to cGMP, can help even in advanced cases. The action of this drug begins half an hour after administration and lasts for almost 2 days. Can prolong sexual intercourse for a long time. The fastest effect of the drug occurs if you take the pill on an empty stomach. You should not take medication for kidney failure, vascular disease, leukemia, arterial hypertension.
  • PDE-5 inhibitors, characterized by long-term effects, after taking the pill, the effect can last for 36 hours. The big advantage of this drug is that it can be combined with fatty foods, alcohol. This potential stimulant is recommended to be used 20 minutes before intercourse to get full satisfaction from sexual intercourse. The disadvantage of this drug is that it is removed from the body for a long time, so headaches, indigestion, redness on the face often occur.
  • Preparation with yohimbe tree alkaloids. The drug blocks central and peripheral adrenergic receptors. Stimulates the production of sex hormones. The drug is taken in a course of 10 weeks. Contraindications to the use of such drugs are high blood pressure, liver and kidney disease, heart disease.
Drugs that can increase men's strength

Natural preparation

Products containing natural ingredients have a beneficial effect on the whole body, improving and smoothing its blood flow. The most common components that make up such preparations: ginseng root - is a powerful aphrodisiac, deer antler, ginger - stimulates the production of the hormone testosterone, and red root - restores and increases male strength. Special natural preparations:

  • Supplements with eurycoma longifolia extract, palm sabal, damiana leaves are recommended for erectile dysfunction. The drug is completely safe for the body, increases sperm production, normalizes testosterone levels, and increases sex drive. Supplemental food intake for 30 days.The drug is contraindicated in patients with hypertension, atherosclerosis.
  • Herbal medicine, which contains creeping anchor extract. This medicine helps to improve erections. Take the medicine before the main meal. Patients with heart and kidney disease should not take the pill.

Supplies to increase women's potential

Problems with libido disorders in women are common in middle and young age. Psychological conditions or diseases of the reproductive system may be related to this. As a rule, a large number of factors influence a woman's strength: daily routine, nutrition, relationship with a man, stress and employment. Based on the cause of decreased libido in a woman, the doctor may prescribe the appropriate medication:

  • This increases the release of natural lubrication, supplies blood to the genitals, and increases sexual desire. Women are recommended to take the drug, one tablet 2 times a day. Rarely, treatment may be accompanied by a rash, itching, and swelling. The drug should not be used during pregnancy.
  • The effect of this drug is aimed at vasodilation of the genitals, as natural lubrication is released. Doctors prescribe medication after taking the contraceptive pill, when women experience a decrease in potency. During admission, side reactions rarely appear: blurred vision, headache, rash, stuffy nose.

How to increase potential at home quickly

If a man has a problem with erectile dysfunction, he begins to worry about the only question, how to increase potency quickly. This may happen if you use special products (tablets, ointments, lubricants). To increase potential, you can use folk methods like this:

  • it is necessary to ensure that the daily dose of water is controlled, otherwise stagnation will occur in the circulatory organs;
  • parsley can restore libido quickly without taking medication (daily dose of green - 70 g);
  • giving up alcohol and bad habits;
  • weight control, exercise;
  • do special exercises every day;
  • rest well;
  • before using medications to increase potency quickly, you need to consult a specialist to find out the factors that provoke the disease.
Preparation of potent -enhancing folk remedies

Folk remedies

Before using folk remedies to increase potency, you should consult with your doctor about the possible negative consequences for the body, you can also seek the advice of an experienced herbalist. The following traditional medicine recipes are often used to increase libido:

  • Mix carrot juice, honey, nuts and ginger (you can use fresh or dried roots). All ingredients should be chopped and add 1 tablespoon of honey. The mixture should be taken one hour before meals for a month.
  • To increase potency, you can use a decoction of nettle. To do this, press the leaves of the plant in boiling water for 5 hours. The product must be taken before meals.
  • Ginseng is a natural aphrodisiac that is effective for weakening erections. From the plant, excellent decoctions are obtained to increase libido.
  • Eleutherococcus extract is a natural pathogen. It can be purchased at any pharmacy and taken according to instructions.
  • Salad with onions, beets, asparagus. All ingredients have a positive effect on male strength.


For a long time, tinctures of medicinal herbs have been used to increase sexual drive.The most popular recipes are with ginseng and honey.To prepare it, you need to take a tablespoon of chopped fresh roots and 3 tablespoons of honey, mix everything well and leave for up to 10 days. After that, the mixture must be drunk in one teaspoon 3 times a day. Other useful colors:

  • Cut onions and pour 400 ml of boiled water, leave for 4 hours. The mixture should be taken daily, 100 ml 3 times a day.
  • Walnuts should be chopped and mixed with honey, taking the same amount of ingredients. Next, you need to add milk. The resulting mixture should be taken before meals, 2 tsp.
  • Garlic is available at pharmacies. Twenty drops must be taken twice a day.