Strengthen and increase potential

No matter how effective traditional medicine develops, everyone will always be interested in the question of folk remedies to increase potency quickly. Previously, when there were no drugs to increase potency, folk recipes were used. It should be noted that such therapy can also be effective if the cause of decreased potency is not inflammation or infection.

herbs for potency

Erectile dysfunction is often observed in young men. The dynamic rhythm of life, frequent stress at work, overwork have a negative impact on men's health. Today we will talk about folk remedies for fast action.

When you have to say "no" to folk methods

It should be said that men are in no rush to see a doctor, even if it is related to their male power.

It happens that a man to the end will try to solve such a complicated problem by himself.

When should you not delay going to the doctor?

If a man, in addition to erectile dysfunction, has the following problems, then specialist help is needed:

  • Pain in the groin, testicles, genitals;
  • Frequent or difficult urination;
  • Visual changes in organs (increased testicles, skin redness), etc. ;
  • Injury to the groin (if the pain does not subside within a few hours);
  • Unnatural discharge from the urethra (yellow, dark red, green mucus);
  • Bad smell, itching.

With such concomitant symptoms, it will not work to increase your own potency, because the problem may be inflammation or infection. It should be noted that such problems cannot be treated at home, so a consultation with an andrologist or urologist is required.

herbal tea for potency

Of course, you can use folk recipes, but in this case, such therapy will serve as an auxiliary tool, and not the main one.

When traditional medicine is relevant

According to statistics, every man faces problems like erectile dysfunction. This is when the sexual organ "fails" at the moment when it is most needed, and the desire for intimacy is present. For what reason could this happen?

  • Alcohol poisoning. If a man "experiences" his erectile function is reduced, even if he does not refuse to have sex. Alcohol relaxes the muscles, the central nervous system, so the necessary impulses do not go to the brain. This results in sexual dysfunction. But with a single hangover, the erection is restored. If a person abuses alcohol (even in small doses, but every day), then his ability in bed is significantly reduced;
  • Overwork. If a person works hard, his body does not want to spend energy on energy and even sex;
  • Pressure. It has been proven that systematic stimulation of the nervous system in men leads to hormonal imbalance. Testosterone is produced in smaller quantities, so intimate "shame" is more common;
  • Smoking. Cigarette smoke contains many synthetic additives. They, in turn, clog the ship and convulse it. From this, the blood flow is disturbed, especially in the genital organs;
abandon bad habits to strengthen potential

Of course, to increase potential, it is necessary to give up bad habits, normalize the work schedule and saturate the body with energy. But how to make up for the lost energy and increase the "work capacity" of the penis?

Folk remedies to increase potency quickly

It is always important for men to be in "shape".

If the problem starts in the bedroom, their psychological health is subject to excessive torture.

There are many natural healing products that can restore potency quickly. Let's explain the most effective.

Honey and nuts

The combination of these ingredients is impressive with a set of useful trace elements. Honey has a magical effect on male potential, walnut is a male libido stimulant. To restore erectile function, you need to eat at least 150 grams of nuts and 50 grams of honey. It is better to make a mixture of these products and take them throughout the day. It is noted that this method helps restore sexual power within 4-5 days.

walnuts with honey for potency


This plant is always displayed in a way to increase potency. And for good reason. Ginseng not only dilates blood vessels and saturates the sexual organs with blood and oxygen, but is also a type of aphrodisiac. You can make your own ginseng tincture by buying dry powder at the pharmacy. Cooking is easy: you need to take 1 tbsp. l. ginseng and pour a glass of boiling water. After the liquid has cooled, strain and drink twice a day, morning and evening. Potency will improve within 3-4 days. If you don't want to prepare your own elixir, you can buy ginseng tincture at the pharmacy.

ginseng root for potency

carrot juice

Carrots contain carotene, zinc, which has a qualitative effect on potency. Fresh carrots are better to do in portions, that is, use only freshly prepared juice. For best effect, add 0. 5 tsp. love. Drink juice three times a day, 200 ml. Immediately you need to make a reservation and warn the practitioner of this method of restoring erection: such fresh juice can change the color of urine. If a man notices orange urine, you do not need to be afraid. It's carrot pigment.

carrot juice for potency


This plant has long been considered a medicine. Today it is often used in supplements to increase potency. Nettle is a storehouse of trace elements and vitamins. This herb not only increases male libido, but also cleanses the blood, channels of toxins and blockages. If you drink the decoction every day, then from the second day you can feel a surge of energy, energy and a certain lightness of the body. Of course, nettle also affects the stimulation of the penis. To prepare a healing elixir, you need to take 1 tbsp. l. dry nettle and pour a glass of boiling water. Drink boiled water after 30 minutes twice a day.

nettle for potency


It has long been used in folk medicine for the prevention and treatment of prostatitis, adenoma, as well as for male potency. The main component is zinc, which is a "savior" for a man. To prepare a decoction of thyme, you need to take 150 g of dried inflorescences and pour 250 ml of water. Drink boiled water throughout the day.

thyme to strengthen potency

Increase the potency of folk remedies in 3 days

To increase the potency quickly and effectively in three days, you need to prepare some magical drinks that stimulate penile arousal. Increasing potency in one day will not be effective, but the effect will come quickly.

aspen bark

The bark of this tree has amazing properties. First, it has an anti-inflammatory effect, improves blood circulation, expands blood vessels and cleans them. Moreover, with the correct preparation of the stew, it immediately affects the potency of men. It's almost impossible to get it wrong. You need to take 200 gr. bark (it can be bought at the pharmacy) and pour a liter of boiling water. It is important to let the stew brew. To do this, it is better to take it to a cool place for 30-60 minutes. Drink 100-150 gr. three times a day.

aspen bark to strengthen potency


This root activates male power. With the help of this plant, you can not only increase potency, but also prevent diseases such as prostatitis, adenoma, impotence. This fragrant plant has a good effect on the whole body. It is quite easy to prepare. You can just grind the root on a grater, take 1 tsp. and add to your favorite tea. It is also considered a good way to cook ginger with honey. The proportion is 50: 50, i. e. 100 gr. chopped ginger and 100g. love. Mix and take 1 tbsp. l. three times a day. The effects of acceptance will appear quickly.

ginger root for potency

There is another recipe that, according to those who have experienced it, is able to increase potency in one day.

White wine

Based on this intoxicating drink, a strong sexual stimulant is created, the effect of which is observed within half an hour.

That is, this cocktail should be drunk immediately before the beginning of the preludes.

Recipe: buy a liter of wine, add a glass of orange juice and 0. 5 glasses of lemon juice. Then put 2 tbsp. l. honey, cardamom, mint leaves, liquor 1 tablespoon. l. the cocktail turned out to be delicious and at the same time "powerful".

But there is one caveat: this elixir must be heated on the stove (avoid the microwave) without boiling. But after it is prepared, you need to insist on it for three days. Natural stimulants can then be used before sex.


With today's lifestyle, it's no wonder people become lack of energy. This applies not only to men, but also to women. Therefore, you need to take as many vitamins as possible, eliminate bad habits and take healthy decoctions and teas to increase vitality, and in the case of men, potency.

Herbs to increase male potency

Herbs that increase potency are old recipes that have been used for a long time that helped our grandfathers and forefathers restore male strength.

Today, medicine has taken a long step forward, and there are many methods that will help solve the problem. But not every man is in a hurry to see a doctor, trying to solve his complicated problem in a long-forgotten way. What kinds of herbs and plants help in restoring male strength, we will consider in this article.

Is it possible to increase potency at home?

Modern living conditions, ecological environment, constant stress often affect the decrease in potency in men. The statistics on this issue are also very worrying. Every year the age bar is reduced. And if for decades the first problems with male potential were observed after 50 years, today this figure is 40.

Pills that increase potency can be found in almost every pharmacy today. This is an excellent and modern solution to the problem. But their effects are short-lived. In addition, the price of such a tablet is very high, which not everyone can afford.

In such a situation, a man begins to look for other, more alternative and more acceptable ways to increase his male power. One of these solutions is herbal medicinal preparations that increase potency.

This treatment has the following advantages:

  • significant savings - the necessary collection of herbs or tinctures is relatively cheap and can all be bought at a pharmacy or prepared yourself, which will be discussed below;
  • the effectiveness of the treatment - herbs increase potency by curing the problem, and do not provide short-term results;
  • various treatments - properly selected decoctions, collections, tinctures help to solve many problems with potency (increased libido, poor erectile function, premature ejaculation, etc. ), but it is also important to adhere to a proper and healthy lifestyle;
  • The absence of side effects is another positive factor in the use of herbs for potency.

You can increase libido and potency in men at home with the help of herbs and folk recipes.

Doctors also talk about their positive effects, some of them recommend using medicines along with traditional medicine recipes to increase the positive effects.

What is important to remember when treating with herbs

It is a mistake to think that herbal treatment is very simple and does not require any knowledge.

In addition, collecting the wrong type of herbs or buying them on the spontaneous market also carries a threat, can affect the body negatively and have the opposite effect.

It is important to know, remember and follow the rules, which will eliminate the possibility of adverse reactions and provide a high therapeutic rate. To achieve an increase in potency with folk remedies in men, it is recommended to follow these rules.

  1. It is better to carry out treatment after diagnosing the disease. The fact is that there are many reasons for decreased libido and decreased potency, from psychological factors to bacterial infections or prostatitis.
  2. Do not be afraid to consult and carry out a series of checks to find out the cause. Also, many doctors, after making several diagnoses, themselves recommend a collection of certain herbs or medicines based on certain plants. The doctor will also take into account possible contraindications that the patient may have for this or that drug, which is not always possible to do on his own.
  3. Only a doctor can prescribe the co-administration of pharmaceuticals and folk remedies. It is not recommended to do this on your own, as some herbs have the ability to reduce the effects of the drug's components. In addition, adverse reactions are possible.
  4. Do not expect a quick therapeutic effect on the first day after taking. Decoctions or tinctures to increase potency will only work after full therapy. The opinion of men that herbs do not work after 2 days of taking them, in most cases, is wrong.
  5. When treating with herbs, actions aimed at increasing potency and libido, it is necessary to abandon drinks containing alcohol. It is also important to follow a diet.
  6. Get the ingredients to prepare the medicine, only at the pharmacy. Here you will ensure that the decoction or tincture made from it does not contain radiation, heavy metals and other harmful substances that the plant can take from the environment.

If you want to collect herbs to increase your own sexual power, then choose a place that is far away from industrial areas and highways.

Such a business approach will give positive results in treatment.

What herbs are good for men's health

Among the people there is a whole list of medicinal plants to increase male potency and libido:

  • Ginkgo biloba;
  • radiola rosea (Tibetan ginseng);
  • hawthorn;
  • ginger;
  • celery and parsley;
  • calamus swamp, etc.

This list could go on for quite some time.

Consider some plants and their effect on the body of the stronger sex.

  • Ginseng restores libido well. If you use a decoction from it or a preparation based on it, then in addition to desire, the cardiovascular system also improves significantly, which is also directly related to stronger sexual potential.
  • Lemongrass is a plant that is very often used specifically for the treatment of impotence, which is associated with stagnant processes in the organs and a decrease in blood circulation.
  • Hawthorn is an old medicinal plant used specifically to increase potency.

Its action aims to increase blood flow to the male genitalia. Hawthorn is one of the most popular herbs used in Germany to treat potency problems.

  • Ginkgo Biloba comes to us from oriental medicine. Widely used by Chinese men. The action of this plant aims to increase blood flow to the genitals. Gingko Biloba also contains several components that help relieve inflammation in the urogenital area. In the pharmacy you can find more than one medicine, which contains this plant.
  • If you want to benefit directly from the garden, then pay attention to celery and parsley. The root of this plant is popular among men who want to increase their male power. They can be used in any form.

For example, add grated dry roots to salads, soups, main dishes. You can also prepare a stew. For this, both roots and vegetables are used. Parsley and celery are plants that have helped men for decades. The roots of this plant should be taken continuously in the diet, which guarantees long-term positive effects.

  1. Ginger is also widely used in folk medicine. The second name is "fruit of love", and it was not given to him by chance. With its effectiveness in solving male problems, ginger is not inferior to the famous Viagra. In addition, it has a positive effect not only on the genital area, but also on the whole body as a whole, strengthening it, charging it with essential vitamins and nutrients. A positive effect on potency is observed due to the effect of improving blood circulation due to the action of amino acids and essential oils. Used fresh, pickled or dried. Add to tea, prepare a tincture, dissolve in the mouth.
  2. Swamp calamus (use the roots). Avicenna wrote about the positive properties of this plant to increase libido and potency. In the modern world, to achieve the desired results, men use swamp calamus roots. Decoctions and medicinal mixtures are prepared from it.

All these herbs and plants are also used in preparations for libido and potency.

A collection of herbs

A special place in the treatment of problems with potency among men is occupied by herbs. After all, the components that make up the composition contain several plants, have the best effect on erectile dysfunction and are selected according to the problem that needs to be treated.

The collection of herbs always makes it possible to take into account everything that worries a man. Let's look at some examples.

The first is a collection based on calamus (root), fenugreek seeds and yarrow grass (each 50 gr / 50 gr / 100 gr). All ingredients are ground and mixed very well.

Such a collection can be drunk in the form of a tincture or added to a salad, for example, as a seasoning. Colored from this plant is used in 250 gr. up to 3 times a day. It is prepared by pouring 3 tbsp. tablespoons of the mixture with 0. 5 liters of boiling water. Good for increasing libido.

Another recipe that has a good effect on men. The components will be mint, St. wort. John's wort, nettle and clover, taken in equal proportions.

Pour all the ingredients with water (boiling water), wrap and soak for 30 minutes. You need to drink a glass of decoction 3 times a day.

The following magical recipe with its roots takes us to distant France, where it is very popular among men as an effective tool to solve the problem of increasing potency. To cook, you need thyme, mint and rosemary in a ratio of 4: 2: 1. The broth is ready after complete cooling.

It can take a very long time to find out which plants are used and which are really effective to treat erectile dysfunction in a man. We have provided you only the most popular and commonly used tools for this purpose.

Remember that traditional herbal therapy recipes do not have lightning fast effects after the first sip. You need to drink it in courses and for a long time.

We hope we have given you enough information about which herbs increase potency. For an effective application and get the desired results, do not forget about the rules for taking it.

And knowing and understanding the problem, it is easier to determine which plant is best suited to solve your problem.

This will also help save your time, and soon positive results will be felt.

men frustrated with poor potential how to improve

How are varicose veins and potential related? This question interests men with this pathology. To answer you need to know what the disease is and the reasons for its development. A variation of varicose veins is varicocele (dilation of the veins of the spermatic cord of the scrotum).

Pathological causes

There are many reasons for the development of varicose veins. But often, pathology develops by violating the function of the valve. Venous blood is discharged into the ducts of the spermatic cord, overflowing it.

The following are predisposing factors that affect potency:

  • hypertension, obesity;
  • alcohol abuse, smoking;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • ischemic myocardial disease;
  • diseases of the genitourinary system of infectious origin;
  • heavy physical work every day;
  • systematic constipation;
  • increased temperature in the testicles;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • oncology problems.

The severity of varicose veins is associated with the individual characteristics of the male body, and also depends on the elasticity and strength of the vessels. Prolonged hypertension causes vasodilatation, which negatively affects testicular function.

Disease symptoms:

  1. Drawing pain in the intergroin area.
  2. Testicular asymmetry.
  3. Excessive sweating around the scrotum.
  4. Very sharp cramps and pain.
  5. Discomfort when moving.

Increased local temperature in the testicles. This leads to the cessation of sperm production.

Usually the disease is not real at all. It is only detected by a specialist during a medical examination.

The effect of varicose veins on male libido

Can varicose veins affect potency reduction? According to experts, this cannot be, except for pain. But other reasons can affect a man's potential. To identify them, you should contact an andrologist.

They have a negative effect on the potential of prostatitis and prostate adenoma disease. This pathology reduces the potential consequences of congestion. The absence of an erection in the morning is already a signal that cannot be ignored.

Doctors attribute the only thing to complications of varicose veins - this is the impossibility of conceiving a child. This is due to a violation of reproductive function.

The viscosity of seminal fluid decreases, sperm motility slows down significantly. Germ cell activity is inhibited, their lifespan is reduced.

But infertility and impotence are not related to honey. If you start treatment at an early stage, you can avoid infertility. Surgery is the only correct treatment for this disease. Does surgery affect potency? No, it does not reduce male libido. But until the body is fully restored, it is not possible to have sex. The recovery period usually lasts about a month.

Along with open surgery, laparoscopy can also be performed. The duration of the intervention does not exceed 20 minutes. After the surgical treatment of varicose veins, the patient's spermogram also improved.

women in bed with a man with weak potential how to improve

Regardless of whether varicose veins affect potency, the disease must be treated. This will save a man not only from pain in the scrotum, but will also make it possible to have children. Conservative therapy methods are not used, they cannot give the desired results.

Therefore, varicose veins in the inguinal region have absolutely no effect on the decrease in potency. A man's normal sex life will continue without problems. But spermatogenesis can be affected as the disease progresses. This is what causes infertility.

Impotence and infertility are two different things. Treatment is most effective only in the early stages of the disease. An erection occurs when blood flows to the cavernous body of the penis. This process is controlled by the central nervous system, it is not related to the testicular venous system.

Keep in mind that over time, there is a violation of testicular function due to a decrease in testosterone. This is the sex hormone produced in it. The problem is noted with the age of the man. The strength of sexual attraction is significantly reduced. But varicose veins can reduce erection only in one case - with severe pain during intercourse in the inguinal area of the scrotum.