Restore potency with folk remedies at home

Restoring potency with folk remedies at home remains one of the most popular methods to correct men's sexual life. According to statistics, a quarter of the stronger sex has problems in bed.

However, not everyone wants to immediately start using various pharmaceuticals for the treatment of impotence. Many men prefer non-drug methods to influence potency, of which there are many.

Proper nutrition and men's health

Potency recovery at home should begin with diet correction. In modern society, one often eats rather chaotically and incorrectly. The abundance of fast food and other unhealthy foods seriously affects the health of the whole organism. Because of this, potential suffers.

food and its effect on potency

Some suggestions that will help normalize sexual desire and strengthen erection:

  • Balance the daily menu for protein, fat and carbohydrates. It is best to consult a nutritionist on this topic.
  • Increase the amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet. They are the best natural source of vitamins and minerals.
  • Eat according to the regimen. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are mandatory. Intermediate snacks - if possible.
  • Drink enough water (up to two liters a day).
  • Avoid fast food and convenience food.
  • Reduce the intake of fried and fatty foods.

These recommendations are standard for restoring potency at home and are suitable for almost everyone. The problem is that against the background of a general improvement in health, the reproductive system will also return to normal (provided there are no serious pathological processes).

Male Strength Products

In addition to the tips above, men need to know that there are certain products that can independently affect the quality of male sexual activity. Restoring potency with folk remedies is not always associated with various herbs and plants, some foods can restore potency at home better than any medicine.

light dinner and wine for potency

Products to use for various forms of impotence in bed include:

  • Dry camel stomach (abomasum).One of the most powerful natural aphrodisiacs. With proper preparation and regular use of the product, truly impressive results can be achieved. However, rennet is not always readily available in pharmacies. It is best to order online (from a trusted supplier). It is enough to eat a small piece before the intended sexual intercourse, and a stormy night is guaranteed.
  • oysters.Seafood in general remains an excellent aphrodisiac, but the corresponding types of shellfish have the most pronounced characteristics. Oysters are a source of vitamin E and zinc, which play a very important role in the process of spermatogenesis. Regular consumption of such food stimulates the work of the genital organs and qualitatively increases potency. At the same time, it is important to take into account that you should not expect immediate results, and the effectiveness will not be as noticeable as from special preparations.
  • Honey and nuts.Sweet food can restore lost "man power" to almost everyone. The main thing is to regularly eat some walnuts rolled in honey. They fill the body with essential nutrients that gently stabilize the reproductive system.

Regular use of aphrodisiacs will increase potency without using specific drugs. However, this is only relevant for mild forms of the matching problem. In the formation of organic pathology, more radical measures should be used.

People's recipes to restore potency

People's recovery to restore potency at home for a long time was almost the only element in the correction of male sexual strength before the creation of modern pathogens.

herbal tea for potency

For centuries, people have struggled with impotence in bed with the help of herbs, infusions and decoctions. Some of them are useless, but others are still relevant today.

The following popular recipes have the most significant effectiveness:

  • Colored ginseng root and eleutherococcus.Both of these plants have been known to humans for a long time. Even Chinese emperors actively used it to increase potency. To create a way to increase potency in men, you need to take 50 g of dry raw material per ingredient. Pour all 250 ml of vodka or 40% alcohol and leave for up to two weeks in a cool place. Then take 10-15 drops twice a day before meals. Therefore, it is possible to qualitatively increase the potency and normalize the general state of health. The course of treatment lasts 1-2 months. After completion, it is advised to rest for 30 days.
  • Alcohol colored calamus root.The principle of preparation is similar - for 50 g of dry raw material, you need to take 250 ml of vodka or ethanol. Next - insist 14 days, then take 20 drops orally three times a day before meals. It is necessary to carry out such potential recovery for about a month. The second course of therapy may not be less than 6 weeks after the end of the first (terms and conditions are the same).
  • Water absorption from nettle seeds.It is enough to pour 1 tablespoon of the indicated substance with a glass of boiling water. Wait 10 minutes, strain and eat before eating. By itself, nettle is not a very strong potency stimulant, but at the same time it has a positive effect on a person's general well-being and blood microcirculation. Thanks to this, male strength is also restored. The process is quite long, but at the same time it is practically harmless (if there is no congenital intolerance to nettle by the body). You can use the product without interruption.
  • Motherwort infusion.To prepare it, you need to pour 2 teaspoons of herbs into 400 ml of warm water. Leave for 8-10 hours to soak. Strain and drink half a glass 3 times a day before meals. The course of therapy is 1 month. Further, as in the framework of the first two options for preparing folk remedies, you need to take a short break (1-1. 5), after which (if necessary) you can repeat the process of normalizing sexual function.

Can alternative medicine always help?

Summarizing, it should be noted that restoring potency with folk remedies at home is not so difficult (and certainly not too expensive). However, it should immediately be said that such natural methods are only relevant in the early stages of the development of erectile dysfunction.

With severe clinical symptoms and the presence of organic changes in a man's body, changing the diet, using aphrodisiacs and taking herbs at home will not be able to qualitatively normalize the patient's condition. In such cases, traditional medicine fades into the background and remains a mere additional treatment for impotence.