How to increase potency at home

Eating healthy food every day increases sexual activity in men

Increased potential- the question is purely intimate, so not all men are ready to visit hospitals and specialized institutions to get detailed information about it. Consider the most effective, fast, safe and easy way to increase the potential that can be used at home.

How to increase potency with folk remedies at home

Folk remedies are not the fastest way to increase potency, but they are distinguished by increased safety and stability of the results.

Here are some effective folk remedies:

Use of natural coffee It has been scientifically proven that daily consumption of a cup of natural quality coffee every day increases potency and strengthens male libido.
Infusion of eleutherococcus and ginseng herbs The product must be added to a cup of water and drunk for 28 days.
Boil 50 g bay leaves and 50 g chamomile It must be insisted for half an hour, and then added to the bath. Regular bathing with this decoction helps increase potency and strengthen erection.
A stew of pine cones and branches The ingredients must be poured with cold water, and then boiled for 30 minutes. The decoction is also added to the water during the bath.
Nettles The seeds of this burning plant must be crushed, mixed with a spoonful of natural honey and 50 g of any grape-based wine.

It should also be noted thatmany pharmaceutical preparations are also effective means of increasing potencyat home. They, for the most part, are based on natural ingredients, so their use is completely safe for the body.

Tablets differ from folk recipes because they can be useful if you need an immediate increase in potency.

Most of them begin to act within 10-20 minutes after administration, which folk remedies cannot boast of. This pill has no side effects, so it can be taken without consulting a doctor. However, you should not abuse the drug, as this can lead to unpredictable results.

Healthy food for male erection

Among other things, products that a man eats every day can affect male erection.

Here is a list of products, common use that will strengthen libido and increase potency:

  • Dairy products, seafood, cheese, fish, meat, nuts, that is, everything that contains protein and protein;
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as vegetables;
  • Natural spices and herbs;
  • Any food that contains eggs
  • Real honey.

The daily addition of this product to the diet will lead to a stable increase in potency, and in order for the results to be as quick and as quick as possible, it is recommended to combine proper nutrition with folk remedies, as well as with physical exercises, which are described below.

Physical exercise and preventive gymnastics

Regular exercise is good for men's health

With the help of regular exercise, you can achieve not only a steady increase in potency, but also remove the penis's elasticity, increase libido, increase the duration of sexual intercourse, and reduce the time for an erection to appear.

The most effective physical exercises are as follows:

  1. The man sat comfortably on the floor and spread his legs wide. In this case, posture should be even, breathing calm, and hands relaxed. It is necessary to inhale quickly, while squeezing the palms and straining the back, and then also quickly relax. This exercise consists of 7 approaches, between which rest should not last more than one minute.
  2. A man should lie on his stomach and rest. Then you need to put your palms at armpit level, bend your hands at the elbows. Next, you need to slowly inhale, raise your shoulders and chest, throw your head back, and then slowly return to the starting position. This exercise also consists of 7 approaches, rest between which should not last more than one minute.
  3. A man should sit comfortably on a chair with his legs wide apart. Then you need to tense and relax the muscles located between the anus and the scrotum. At the same time, make sure the gluteal muscles are always fully relaxed. There is no clear number of approaches, you just need to do exercises until muscle fatigue appears.
  4. You need to stand up straight and fix it in a comfortable position.. Then take steps in place, mimicking a march. Try to feel all the muscles in the pubic area. The exercise must be done for one minute, then you can rest for one minute, and then do another repetition.

The peculiarity of physical exercises is that they are designed not only for regular repetitions, but also to increase the load. Over time, they need to be done more, longer and more intensely, without missing classes for unjustified reasons. Only in this case is it possible to achieve the most significant results.

So, it is possible to increase the potency at home, you just need to deal with this problem regularly. All the measures listed above will work with triple strength if they are used in parallel, that is, they use folk remedies, eat right, and exercise.