Aphrodisiacs for men in the product (list)

Modern life, somewhat loaded with stress and conflict, often disrupts or complicates intimate relationships. Solutions to such spicy and trembling problems can be found in certain foods and oils, which are included in the list of aphrodisiacs. All these elements are divided into purely feminine and masculine. Therefore, it is unreasonable to use the same for everyone. Today we are going to look at powerful aphrodisiacs for men in the product. We will prepare a list of special healthy foods for you.

Male aphrodisiac

Male natural aphrodisiacs gently stimulate and regulate the function of the reproductive system. To revive passion and acquire a new round of intimate life, it is advisable to include foods rich in vitamins A, B1, E and C in the diet. To find out which foods have aphrodisiacs for men, it is worth checking the food table and choosing those that qualitatively affect male libido.

oysters to increase potency

Oysters are an unrivaled source of natural zinc, which stimulates healthy testosterone production and improves the overall condition of the male reproductive system. Fatty fish are an amazing supplier of selenium to the male body, which incites spermatozoa to move intensively. Coriander seeds and sunflower supply the body with vitamin B1, the absence or deficiency of which has a negative effect on erections.

The hips of roses and citrus fruits are representatives of natural vitamin C, which affects the synthesis of sex hormones, and consequently reproductive function. Fragrant particles, especially citrus fruits, are the perfect stimulus for sexual desire. A dinner filled with a seductive aroma will give the euphoria of the night approaching.

citrus fruits to increase potency

Aphrodisiacs for men in daily food products are an ideal solution not only to fade desire, but also to increase arousal, which in turn leads to new horizons of intimacy. The main rule of sexual menu practice is the diversity and juiciness of the dishes served. The appearance of attractive food is the first signal for male libido, so it is worth playing.

Vegetables and spices

Fragrant garlic contains activators of certain parts of the brain. This product in the company of onions perfectly normalizes the hormonal balance of a man.

Celery not only contains a large amount of androsterone - a potential enhancer, but also has additional and effective properties: leaving the body with sweat, celery acts on women like a sweet pheromone. Thus, vegetables are "agents" of double meaning.

Now let’s talk about where there are aphrodisiacs for men in the product. They can be obtained from spices - tart cardamom, anise and cinnamon best increase the production of proper hormones. And mystical bergamot and vervain reinforce romance, and most importantly, the passion of a romantic night out. Lavender, although considered a plant with a relaxing effect, still stimulates male libido like no other.

honey to increase potency

If you are describing the most powerful products to increase potency, then you definitely need to keep in mind foods like honey and ginseng root. Honey surprisingly increases potency, and in the company of pine nuts, it works a remarkable miracle with the male reproductive system. Ginseng is a bioactivator with the highest standards, its tincture qualitatively improves blood flow to the genitals of men and women, which has a great effect on sexual intercourse.

eggs and vegetables

Egg whites will help increase the production of needed testosterone, and in the company of juicy parsley and young dill, they activate the most hidden reserves of male libido. Parsley secretes apigenin, which calms female hormones in the active male body. Dill, on the other hand, dilates blood vessels carefully and delicately, which has a healing effect on the reproductive system.

garlic for potency

A no less effective activator of sexual desire is warming ginger, which helps to overcome cholesterol (a pest of sexual activity) and blood pressure.

Quail eggs will be a subtle "agent" for general hormonal conditions. Such a wonderful aphrodisiac is worth looking for. Quail protein accelerates the work of the blood system.

Other useful products

Eco-friendly truffles and morels will be a win-win aphrodisiac. A similar type of mushroom is an excellent sexual desire activator. Casanova herself often treated herself with morels for the sake of a brave victory in the bed of an aristocratic woman.

Many seafood are also known to be powerful aphrodisiacs for men. So the choice is in your hands. After all, aphrodisiacs can be enriched by consuming not only shellfish, but also high -quality and selected caviar (red, black). Combining a refreshing and subtle libido activator is worth it with juicy vegetables and light wine.

Walnuts (which are well dried) are a natural Viagra for the male body. Note that the soft sexual desire movers in the world no longer exist. Due to the saturation of essential vitamins and minerals, nuts contribute to testosterone production.

exotic fruits

Exotic and highly fragrant canned fruit is also useful for activating male libido. Passion fruit is full of minerals both fresh and dried flavoring. Her partner will be a sweet date. They increase potency with regular use, but dosage.

The most beautiful avocados sensitively saturate the vessels with the necessary oxygen and fatty acids, which strengthen and restore the normal function of the vessels. Aromatic sesame seeds are also a hidden aphrodisiac for stronger sex.

Aphrodisiacs for men in products: a recipe for potency

A salad based on sesame seeds or arugula equivalent to pine nuts is a great activator of not only intimacy, but also romantic conversation in front of it.

salad with arugula and pine nuts for potency

A no less effective male libido activator is ripe bananas. These positive and sweet fruits are rich in bromelain, which controls the sexual sphere perfectly, as well as the most important potassium and B vitamins.

Chocolate (especially high quality black) and marzipan (natural almond paste) will also be sweet aphrodisiacs. The popular strawberry, poured with an abundant layer of melted chocolate, will open up an unexplored level of sexual desire.

Aphrodisiacs for men are perfectly combined with each other in the simplest and most affordable products. A salad of light green onions, a few eggs (chicken or quail) along with a tablespoon of olive oil is an excellent dish that contains as many as three active aphrodisiacs.

chocolate to increase potency

Italian olives and their black olives equivalent are great additions to an alcoholic beverage or as part of a salad. Not without reason the Italians became famous as noble lovers and ardent suitors. The elements contained in olives have a great effect on blood flow and general hormonal state. You will not find such a subtle aphrodisiac in the world.

Healthy drinks

In addition to the fact that there are aphrodisiacs for men in food, it is also found in beverages. Mulled wine is an excellent "agent" in the mission of increasing sexual desire. Hot tart wine mixed with coriander, cinnamon and fragrant vanilla is a magic drink for the male reproductive system.

How sexual desire enhancers work: anise tincture, flavored liquor, exotic tequila, wild rum. The main rule of the game with drinks is a clear dose, excessive alcohol can cause soporific effects.

bananas to increase potency


Now you know what powerful aphrodisiacs for men are hidden in the product. We have prepared this list of foods for you. We hope you will be able to create yourself a complete menu for a romantic evening.